How to buy Bitcoin Cash on Bitforex

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4 min readNov 19, 2021


BitForex is declared to be the world’s driving digital assets trading platform committed to providing users with safe, professional, and convenient digital currency trading services.

Below are the steps to help you in buying Bitcoin cash on your account:

Register on BitForex Verify your BitForex account Set up 2FA on your account on BitForex Deposit funds to your BitForex account Start trading on your account on BitForex

1. Create an account on BitForex

Go to and hit “Sign Up.”

Enter the email and password you want to register along with the code then click “Sign Up.”

Nice! You are now registered at BitForex.

2. Verify your BitForex account

Great! Your account is now verified your BitForex account.

Once you hit up “Sign Up,” a verification code will be sent to your email. Enter the code in the “Email Verification Code” box and click “Verification.”

3. Set up 2FA on your BitForex account

To set up 2FA, go to “Security” under Account Settings. 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is a double protection for your account.

Good job! You have just successfully protected your BitForex account.

You can protect your account by choosing between “Bind Phone” and “Google Authenticator,” which both produce a code that you will need for the next level of protection of your account.

In this example, we are going to pick the “Bind Phone” which is easier. Enter your phone number. Get the codes from your phone and email by clicking on the “Get Code” at the SMS and Email verification code boxes. Next, enter the codes in the boxes and hit “Confirm.”

4. Deposit funds to your account on BitForex

Go to “My Assets” and click “Deposit.”

Select the currency you want to deposit funds to from the “Please choose a Token” drop-down box.

Awesome! Your BitForex account is now funded.

Next, copy the deposit address and paste it into your wallet. Always make sure to copy the correct address for completed transactions cannot be undone.

Check your deposit history at the bottom of the page.

5. Start trading on your BitForex account

From the homepage, select “Token Trading.”

Pick the currency you want to trade with on the left side of the page.

Next, scroll down and locate the Order box at the lower right corner of the page. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Buy.”

Check the trading you’ve made at the bottom of the page.

There you have it! You have just bought Bitcoin cash on your BitForex account.




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